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A big picture of Ebola Transmission during 2013-2016 outbreak can stop future outbreaks

A globalized effort by international team of scientists, clinicians, non-governmental organizations, drug companies and many more to eradicate Ebola that shook with vast West African epidemic was brought down in 2016. A review article co-authored with Dr. Aftab Ahmad and … Continue reading

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Why vaccine run is slower than the epidemic spread of virus?

Are we aware? What is happening? Where are the vaccines that proved to be successful? Why Ebola vaccines are still under trial? Why are there success stories been proposed in research papers? I am sure that these questions are must … Continue reading

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Where is Ebola now? 2016 update

The Deadlier Ebola outbreak and it was one of the major pandemic known. This small neither living nor dead nanoscale object shook the world back in 2013-2014 and also after. It was a mighty fight among the researchers around the … Continue reading

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Global emergency of Polio from Hyderabad, India

On 14th of June Talengana government announced ‘global emergency’ after an active strain of wild polio virus (P2 strain) was detected in water sample collected from a drain at Ranga district. The vaccine derived polio virus (VDPV) strain has not … Continue reading

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Monster Viruses – Mimivirus and Pandoravirus (Comparative Understanding)

Mimivirus, the largest DNA virus isolated, capable to infect Acanthamoeba polyphaga. Since then larget viruses, often called monster viruses have been discovered and in the year 2013 even larger family of giant amoeba-infecting viruses was discovered named Pandoravirus. Mimivirus is … Continue reading

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