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3 things you need for Science Communication

Science communication is much more important while you are involved with experimental science. There are science communicators who are even not associated with core science that we researchers publish in research journals. It is much difficult to express science in … Continue reading

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Biomysteries Episode 1 – What is science communication?

Science communication is an integral part after experimentation. There are huge amount of research that is published every day and updated regularly. As a science communicator it is important to look into the importance, the hypothesis and profitable outcome. So why … Continue reading

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A big picture of Ebola Transmission during 2013-2016 outbreak can stop future outbreaks

A globalized effort by international team of scientists, clinicians, non-governmental organizations, drug companies and many more to eradicate Ebola that shook with vast West African epidemic was brought down in 2016. A review article co-authored with Dr. Aftab Ahmad and … Continue reading

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MiTalk Episode 4: Basics of Hepatitis C Virology

Hepatitis is caused by the inflammation of the liver. The condition may also progress to cirrhosis or fibrosis and/or even liver cancer. Hepatitis is caused by an infection of virus, but apart from this causative agent toxic substances like alcohol … Continue reading

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Pathogenetics behind RASopathies

RASopathies are group of genetic syndromes cased due to mutation in genes (somatic) in RAS/MAPK pathway. The possible syndromes include Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), Legius syndrome, Noonan syndrome (NS), Costello syndrome, autosomal dominant intellectual disability type five and many others. … Continue reading

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Say hello to Microbes! MiTalk the Radio Show

Now it is from reading to listening. A leap ahead in science communication from writing about Microbiology and now speaking about Microbiology too. It was already under future objectives of We The Microbiologist forum. Our group was under discussion about how … Continue reading

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Interview of Dr. Prashanth Suravajhala

Dr. Prashath Suravajhala made his recent visit in India and I am glad that he welcomed me and spent some time for a scientific interview in between at Ecological Park, Kolkata, India. Dr. Partha Sarathi Das also joined, who is … Continue reading

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Interview of Dr. Partha Sarathi Das from Vidyasagar University

It was a general meet of scientists at a common place called Ecological Park (commonly known as Eco park) at Kolkata, India where I am glad to meet Dr. Partha Sarathi Das. It was a common welcome from Dr. Prashanth … Continue reading

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“I will forever persist” – the unsaid words of Persister cells

Persister cells are antibiotic tolerant cells which can be identified in almost all phases of bacterial cellular growth with antibiotic tolerance. It holds many unfold mysteries of in biofilm resistance. They are not mutants, rather phenotypic wild type variants and … Continue reading

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Bacteria of Intestinal Tract, view in year 1915

I came across a post in twitter shared by @thisischristina and a big thanks to her since while I read this, I found it very interesting to share it. So you can relate it with your current view now in … Continue reading

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