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SSThinking leads to activity, and activity leads to discovery. The getting the unknown thing into known is how all about science communication. The discovery of any research we mean it when we read the articles of great discoveries. The words, the steps of thinking and bringing the hard work into light, are all about holding the story towards the common people. It is the cable which joins the research and the people who reads it.

I am an individual Science Communicator. It is all about, picking up great stories of research, communicating scientists from different aspect of science background, taking interviews and highlighting them before readers. Sounds easy! Quite easy when you know the importance of science and how communicators do to seed the importance of it. A small research doesn’t remain too small, a big research sounds interesting and the artifacts are designed to confront the beauty of science. This is how a science communicator believes in science.

My journey of science communication was brought forward from a social networking site. Sounds crazy though, I grabbed some cool science freak guys and then planted a small group of microbiology lovers named “We The Microbiologist”. The daily questionnaire and solving the puzzles started the game. WTM became a big early platform of discussion and then we made a science website who wished to build up science research before the readers who are actually interested to read science. Starting from magazines to events has brought forward the beauty and hope it will grow further with the interests of the readers who believes in science. Now I am a science communicator at CSIR NISCAIR’s Science Reporter Indian Magazine, Microbiology World and my own blog Biomysteries [www.biomysteries.wordpress.com]. Responsibilities has now become bigger with invitation from Dr. Prashanth at Bioclues Organization , a renown Bioinformatics Organization of India as a core member. It is not limited to writing about science and communicating researchers, but also let your words to hear; that is how I express myself at Microbiology Talk or MiTalk a new Audio Podcast.

Taking ahead of my personal walk of being a science communicator, let me highlight you why science communication is important. In the discoveries of recent research from the developing countries always remains deep just into a three to four page publication, unless people know what you are contributing for the society. Many research publications are brought into the practical field use when searched in science websites. If we think about the current youth of developing countries specifically grab their interests when they read the whole story of a research, starting from the failures to success. If you are reading this, I would request you to just have a look into the corner up or below of any science websites, you will get the name of the science communicator who brought you the story. Keep digging your thoughts into action; because you got no worries, we are watching you!

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