3 things you need for Science Communication

Science communication is much more important while you are involved with experimental science. There are science communicators who are even not associated with core science that we researchers publish in research journals. It is much difficult to express science in simplified way than the scientific terms used in research papers.


Image courtesy: Mediomix

The platform of science communication has been developing through blog posts, audio podcast, video lessons, etc. The choice of the platform depends on the confidence, understanding and concise expression.

If you are new in science communication or wonder to start a blog then here are three important things you should follow:

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Please comment your thoughts about science communication and will reply most of them.


About Saumyadip

Science Communicator and Biologist. Keep interests in host-pathogen interaction research. Specifically bacterial infection mechanism, host infection evasion and immune susceptibility of host. PhD student at Academia Sinica Molecular and Cell Biology, Taiwan
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