Biomysteries Episode 2: Breaking Down the Outer wall of Gram Negative Bacteria


Several groups of gram negative bacteria becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. The antibiotics that can able to target gram-positive bacteria cannot able to target gram negative bacteria. The thick outer wall of gram negative bacteria is impermeable to antibiotics. A recent research that published in the journal Nature provided an effective solution that can act as a Trojan Horse to enter inside the gram negative bacteria and can also able to terminate.

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Links related to this episode:

  1. Richter, MF et al. Predictive compound accumulation rules yield a borad spectrum antibiotic. Nature 2017; doi:10.1038/nature22308 (Link)
  2. What is Antibiotic? (Link)

About Saumyadip

Science Communicator and Biologist. Keep interests in host-pathogen interaction research. Specifically bacterial infection mechanism, host infection evasion and immune susceptibility of host. PhD student at Academia Sinica Molecular and Cell Biology, Taiwan
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