Say hello to Microbes! MiTalk the Radio Show

Now it is from reading to listening. A leap ahead in science communication from writing about Microbiology and now speaking about Microbiology too. It was already under future objectives of We The Microbiologist forum. Our group was under discussion about how to team up and go ahead with such an oriented Radio Show about Microbes. But finally it hit the success. The show is named MiTalk or Microbiology Talk and can be reached at


It was Mr. Varun Chakrakodi who is an active science blogger from Medical Microbiology looked at the objectives listed at WTM and contacted me. I was glad to know that I was not the only person who was thinking to launch such Podcast. Soon then we team up with Dr. Sridhar Rao, Assistant Professor in Microbiology from JJM Medical College, Karnataka, India and Mr. Sagar Aryal from Kathmandu Nepal.

Dr. Rao is the mentor of this show management and also a co-host of this show. He is well known about his medical microbiology notes he shares over his own website which is filled with wonderful knowledge database for students. Mr. Sagar Aryal was approached to be the co-host of MiTalk while we were discussing over this podcast. He has been an obvious person who can lead with the knowledge he bears about Microbiology. Mr. Aryal is well known for his notes he shares through his website and only Microbe active science communicator from Nepal.

So here is the team:

  • Mr. Varun C.N. – who is the chief-host of MiTalk and associates in recording and managing the shows with notes. He is also co-editor of the content in website.
  • Dr. Sridhar Rao – co-host and mentor of MiTalk. He guides the whole system.
  • Mr. Sagar Aryal – co-host and associates in web management. He is the chief-editor of the website and content.
  • Mr. Saumyadip Sarkar – co-host and manage the recording. I audit the recording and also communicate Scientists who can be the part of this show.

There are so much to explain about Microbiology and it can be well placed while we discuss over some mysteries which is solved, debatable or still under mystery. We try to pull those topics which is important to talk and can be communicated with general audience. It is open access and can be accessible through iTunes . So you can plug in your headphones and you can listen to MiTalk even though you are traveling.

It was published on 4th of September 2016 as the first Microbiology Radio Podcast from South-Asia. I feel many of the science lovers listen to many Microbiology Podcast but this might be little different why? Here are some reasons:

  1. General to Hard Core Science: Here we talk about general topics and even pull in research papers. So if you are a student and wish to explore more about Microbiology then you can easily understand and also make notes if needed. Researchers too can have the complete overview about the topic including research notes which are vital.
  2. Join the Show: It is much enthusiastic to know that Scientists can join for a talk in one of our show either voluntarily or even we try to contact to share his/her views over his own research field.
  3. Science apart from Microbiology: It is not just Microbiology but at the end of the show we often conclude with “Science aside Microbiology” which can be important and fun.
  4. Comments and Answers: What you suggest, comment or add is important. It is obvious you may wish to add some point about the show, add some comments, email us with possible topics, or anything about Microbiology. If it is worth sharing or could be discussed we will refer your name in the show.

You are very much welcome for Microbiology Talk. Please listen to the shows which is released twice in a month. Subscribe to get regular updates and mail us your views.



About Saumyadip

Science Communicator and Biologist. Keep interests in host-pathogen interaction research. Specifically bacterial infection mechanism, host infection evasion and immune susceptibility of host. PhD student at Academia Sinica Molecular and Cell Biology, Taiwan
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