I support open access research! But why?


It has been a long debate between open access and restricted access of research. So what is open access? Simply it is free from all restrictions of copyright and licence. We often find some of the conference papers, research articles, book chapters, etc are not freely accessible and one has to pay some amount to get the full access. On the other side there are organizations who publish research opening gates of full access of all the materials. So here are important notes about why open access research is vital.

Students prospective

Students keep on looking things and search articles over internet. It is obvious that they cannot pay such hurdles to complete their school or college assignments. Open access research can expand the information which is more relevant than in restricted access which will provide just an outlook of the content. Internet is the source of education and hence pupils use the resources to go through research papers. Even to cite them you need the full access of the paper so that you can read the content.

Scientists or Researchers’ prospective

This is under the highest category. Researchers keep on searching things that is vital for their experiments. A small hint can sculpture the whole hypothesis. So it is important to read the whole matter of the content than just the overview. No researchers wish to deduce amounts from their funds to perform study. It also pours an important effect to avoid duplication of research.

Science communicators’ acts as a bridge that communicates different readers providing the importance of research materials that is full of scientific terms into simple understandable formats. Research is useless if it is not shared. So, open access research is probable of fetching more citations than restricted access which is much overlooked.

Experimental protocols also seem to be important and for different research the protocols are modified according to the type of samples or conditions they study. It is a hurdle too if there is a barrier. Most protocols cannot be standardised and require help for such protocols. So open access breaks this barrier and also helps researchers gain citation.

Why are there restricted accesses?

erik12_1383873905Restricted access is important too. Some of the confidential datasets cannot welcome public to impose threats. It is like a home with uninvited guests. But if you provide greetings to some people whom you know is better from any threat.

On publishers point of view both for profit or non-profit, by some it is mostly observed that they shuffle between open access and restricted access. So it is a kind of strategic business to run a journal.

Many researches can also be a part of social threat. Many formulas which should be enclosed to improvement of living can be used by terrorists in the negative shades. Confidential barrier allows people to know who actually wants the access of the research.


In conclusion, it is good to add that still in my personal motif I support open access research and it is very important for development of scientific research. It fetches a lot of solutions and exposure of scientific activity required nowadays. Confidential barrier is important too, for avoiding unwanted situations. Scientific research data is an asset and hence protecting it is also a duty.

Let me know what you think about open access and restricted access in the comment box. I will try to reply most of you. Do not forget to vote 🙂


About Saumyadip

Science Communicator and Biologist. Keep interests in host-pathogen interaction research. Specifically bacterial infection mechanism, host infection evasion and immune susceptibility of host. PhD student at Academia Sinica Molecular and Cell Biology, Taiwan
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One Response to I support open access research! But why?

  1. Varun C N says:

    It is my view that research has to be open access always. I’m not sure if I agree with your view of restricted access. Research that is confidential and intended to be kept that way, hidden from common access are never published. For example, Defense research is not published. It’s kept locked away. As a researcher, when I put my data for the world to see, irrespective of the journal I want a maximum number of people to see it- Paywalled or not. Making a paper open access has something more to offer than just viewership and gain of citations. It is available to be worked upon by more intellects, thus propelling science.

    Having said that, journals are ultimately a business model concept. What they care about is business profit and not science (at least majority, if not all). Subscription charges and ads help them sustain the business. High tier journals invest a lot in roughly more than a 1000$ per paper. So somebody has to pay for it. Either, the reader, the author or some sort of grant. An example I could think about is elife which recently has got a nod for being funded, just to sustain the journal activity. Another idea by Welcome trust to launch its own journal to take over the burden of publishing has also impressed me.

    My overall take is that Journals first need to get into a non-business mode. Open research and fairness of publishing will come by itself.

    1. http://www.nature.com/news/open-access-journal-elife-gets-25-million-boost-1.20005
    2. http://www.nature.com/news/wellcome-trust-launches-open-access-publishing-venture-1.20220

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